Our Inland Marine practice has a broad appetite with a focus on builders and installation risks, contractors and mobile equipment, fine arts, and warehouse/distribution risks.

Coverage is provided on an all-risk basis, using industry-accepted wording through wholesale brokers. 


  • Builders Risk
  • Contractor’s Equipment
  • Exhibition and Fine Arts
  • Installation Floater
  • Transit

Target Classes

  • Contractors, developers and owners, focusing on both commercial and residential construction
  • Renovations of existing buildings including structural renovations
  • Street and road contractors
  • Oil and gas servicing contractors
  • Associated property for contractors equipment
  • Warehouse operators and specialty storage, including cold storage
  • Distributors, including third-party logistics operations
  • Commercial and Personal Fine arts
  • Medical, diagnostic and scientific equipment
  • Radio and television towers and equipment
  • EDP
  • • Miscellaneous IM floaters

Our team of highly experienced, entrepreneurial-minded inland marine experts are ready to tackle each opportunity no matter how unusual or complex it might be.  It’s this that sets Brit Inland Marine apart- our ability to embrace the truly unique risks that make the world of inland marine so exciting. 

Kent Stepanishen, Divisional Director, Property and Inland Marine

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