Public & Non-Profit (SIR)

Our respected team has nearly 50 years’ public & non-profit experience. We underwrite specialist package coverage for more than 100 municipal, scholastic, higher education and religious clients. We aim to be a long term partner and structure an equitable insurance solution.

Public & Non-Profit (SIR)

Douglas Trainor

Executive Vice President - Casualty

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Our Product

The SIR Package provides excess or reinsurance coverage for property and casualty exposures including workers compensation. Stop Loss or Aggregate excess insurance may be added to provide budget protection over the insured’s loss fund. This limit of Aggregate Excess Protection provides stop loss coverage thereby protecting the insured from unexpected loss frequency.

Sectors Include:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Public & Private Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • State Governments
  • Special Districts
  • Pools
  • Tribal Nations
  • Not For-Profit Organizations
  • Religious

SIR Package Benefits

  • Insurance or Reinsurance - primary, excess, memorandum of coverage
  • The client, with an approved TPA or claim’s staff, administers all claims and implements defense strategies
  • Clash coverage provides that only a single SIR applies to a covered loss involving multiple lines of coverage
  • Claim dollars remain with the client until paid increasing income potential
  • Rewards the retention of attritional losses within the SIR
  • Allows risk transfer of catastrophic losses to specific insurance
  • Reduces expense associated with the purchase of individual policies
  • Provides free access to the Brit TEAM platform and loss control dollars may be available for approved risk management initiatives
  • Stand Alone Terrorism available to higher limits or TRIPRA

Loss Control

Loss Control funding is available for specific risk management initiatives. Package clients also have free access to the Brit Insurance TEAM™ (Train, Educate and Manage) platform. The TEAM™ platform is a flexible risk management web-based system providing clients with specific content and online education to aid in mitigating risk.


Douglas Trainor

Executive Vice President – Casualty

312.577.9437 | Email

Doug Ransom

Vice President, SIR

713.239.1072 | Email

Chris Craveiro

Vice President, Public & Non-Profit

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Terry Stubbs

Senior Vice President

713.239.1071 | Email

Rick Bankston

Vice President, SIR

706 999 0197 | Email

Loss Control

Bradley Bohler

Senior Vice President, Business Development

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