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The public entity package underwriting team specialises in first dollar business.

Public Entity First Dollar

Sharon Wright

Senior Vice President

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Our Product

Package First™

Package First™ provides our clients with coverage for Public Entities who purchase a standard deductible package policy. The product is distributed in the USA in the admitted market through an A.M. Best A (Excellent) rated carrier in target states with the exception of Illinois and Kentucky where Lloyd’s Syndicate 2987 admitted paper is issued. With an average of 25 years’ experience in the First Dollar market, our team has a reputation for strong expertise in this specialized sector.

The Package First™ public entity product coverage includes Property and Inland Marine, Auto Physical Damage, Auto Liability, General Liability, Public Officials’ Liability, Law Enforcement Liability, Employment Practices, and Umbrella.

Product Highlights

Property, Equipment Breakdown, Inland Marine and Crime

  • Property coverage valuation is replacement cost/agreed value waiving co-insurance penalties
  • Over 50 additional coverages and coverage extensions
  • Contractors equipment covered in property form at replacement costautomatic coverage for non-owned contractor’s equipment up to $250,000
General Liability, Occurrence Form
  • Defense costs are in addition to the Limit of Liability
  • Punitive Damages covered where allowed by state law
  • Broad form Governmental Entities definition of Insured includes all boards and commissions operated by and under the direction of the insured entity, volunteers as insureds, mobile or leased equipment contracts, users of golf mobile and parties to mutual aid agreements
  • Sexual Abuse, subject to underwriting
Law Enforcement Liability Occurrence Form
  • Approved moonlighting and mutual aid agreements are covered
  • Broad definition of insured includes elected and appointed officials and all auxiliary and volunteer officers
  • Consent to settle included
Public Officials Liability, Claims Made Form
  • Full Prior Acts offered to most entities having continuous coverage for the past five years
  • Civil Rights Violations, Zoning, Land Use (other than Eminent Domain or Inverse Condemnation), Permits and Licenses are covered
  • Basic Extended Reporting Period included with additional reporting periods available
Employment Practices Liability, Claims Made Form
  • Broad definition of wrongful act including refusal to employ, termination of employment, false arrest, false imprisonment, libel, slander, defamation, harassment, humiliation, discrimination, invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction, malicious prosecution, abuse of process or any other act, omission or policy attributable to anyone’s employment
  • Sexual Harassment, American with Disabilities Act and Title VII claims are covered
  • Back wages limit included with higher limits available

Umbrella Liability

  • Coverage A is follow form excess over underlying liability coverages
  • Coverage B is umbrella liability with a $10,000 retained limit
  • Separate Aggregate Protection, commonly known as “SILO Aggregate“, as respects to Coverage A only, applies the aggregate separately to each underlying coverage shown on the umbrella declarations

Auto Liability and Physical Damage

  • Fleet Coverage Endorsement adds coverage for commandeered autos, newly acquired organizations, blanket additional insured wording for insured contracts, waiver of subrogation, fellow employee, extended towing coverage, extended glass coverage, rental reimbursement, communication equipment, employee vehicle deductible reimbursement, blanket loss payable clause, medical payments, hired auto physical damage, and 120 day cancellation provision
  • Replacement Cost coverage for emergency rescue vehicles
  • Emergency Response Provider Extension Endorsement includes extended debris removal and pollution clean up, expected or intended injury exception for damage resulting from protecting persons or property, fellow employee coverage, non-owned vehicle deductible reimbursement, additionally acquired emergency units and equipment, recertification expense, hired and substitute emergency unit physical damage, rental reimbursement and extended towing

Loss Control

Loss Control resources are available via our in-house loss control staff on an individual or agency basis. Those looking for the distance learning aspect will receive significantly discounted pricing to our proprietary TEAM™ (Train, Educate and Manage) platform. TEAM™ is a flexible risk management web-based system that provides niche content streams, access to over 100 training topics and user reports to assist the entity in mitigating risk by tracking training efforts.


Package First™ claims are handled by Alternative Service Concepts, one of the country’s largest claims services providers with a leading pedigree for Public Entity market.

Our Capacity

  • Property: $50m per location and higher by special acceptance
  • Liability coverages: Primary limits of $1m
  • Umbrella limits: $14m


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Loss Control

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Senior Vice President, Business Development

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