Inland Marine

Our Inland Marine practice has a broad appetite with a focus on builders and installation risks, contractors and mobile equipment, fine arts, and warehouse/distribution risks. Coverage is provided on an all-risk basis, using industry-accepted wording through wholesale brokers.

Inland Marine

Kent Stepanishen

Senior Vice President

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  • Builders Risk
  • Contractor’s Equipment
  • Exhibition and Fine Arts
  • Installation Floater
  • Transit

Target Classes

  • Contractors, developers and owners, focusing on both commercial and residential construction
  • Renovations of existing buildings including structuralrenovations
  • Street and road contractors
  • Oil and gas contractors
  • Associated property for contractors equipment
  • Warehouse operators and specialty storage, including cold storage
  • Distributors, including third-party logistics operations
  • Commercial and Personal Fine arts
  • Medical, diagnostic and scientific equipment
  • Radio and television towers and equipment
  • EDP
  • Miscellaneous IM floaters

Prohibited Classes

  • Motor truck cargo for common carriers
  • Difference in conditions


  • Up to 36 months on Builders Risk
  • ISO Policy forms
  • ISO and proprietary endorsements
  • Manuscript and Follow Form available


  • Builders risk: up to $50 million
  • Contractors equipment and associated property: up to $25 million
  • All other classes: up to $15 million


  • Deductibles will be used on a class by class basis
  • Catastrophe perils will usually be subject to a percentage deductible

Inland Marine Underwriters

Kent Stepanishen

Senior Vice President - Inland Marine

+1 212 631 8142 | Email

John Holohan

Vice President, Inland Marine

+1 215 519 4983 | Email

Kristen Hunter

Vice President - Inland Marine

+1 802 356 0215 | Email

Elise Kendall

Vice President

973 886 6770 | Email

Joshua Dela-Cruz

Assistant Vice President, Property Direct

+1 707 227 3110 | Email


Terry Stubbs

Senior Vice President

713.239.1071 | Email

Rick Bankston

Vice President, SIR

706 999 0197 | Email