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Our team of experienced and respected underwriters write a specialist portfolio providing coverage for vessels, yachts, cargo and associated liabilities.


Anthony Forsyth

Divisional Director

Lloyd's Box Location

Hullseeing the diffrence makes the diffrence

Each of our underwriters is an expert in their particular market and they strive to provide a market-leading underwriting and claims service.

Our Product


We cover cargo on ships, aircraft or in warehouses worldwide. We also write project cargo for construction projects and inland marine exposures such as equipment floaters, jewellers block, fine art and other specie risks.

Normal Maximum Line:

  • Cargo US$ 35m
  • Specie US$ 50m
  • Project Cargo including DSU US$ 50m

Marine Hull

We provide coverage for the construction, navigation and voyages of vessels including physical loss or damage (including machinery damage), loss of hire, limited third party collision liability and war. We are specialists in ancillary interests related to Marine Hull, such as average disbursements and purchasers’ interest. We cover vessels and their machinery on an increased value or total loss only basis.

Our team also has over 50 years’ experience in yacht insurance and write coverage for most types of yachts and pleasure craft including mega-yachts and their associated liabilities.

Normal Maximum Line:

  • Hull US$ 30m
  • Builders Risk US$40m
  • Yachts US$ 50m
  • Marine War US$ 40m

Marine Liability

We cover most aspects of the international shipping industry, including Protection and Indemnity, Charterers’ Liability, Pollution, Port Authorities, Ship Repairers’ Liability, Terminal Operators’, Umbrella Liability and Maritime Employers’ Liability. We also offer Energy Liability products for Upstream Exploration and Production, as well as Offshore Construction. 

Normal Maximum Line:

  • Marine Liability US$ 50m
  • Energy Liability US$ 12.5m 


Anthony Forsyth

Divisional Director

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John Higham

Senior Yacht Underwriters

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Robert Clarkson


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Andrew Coutts

Class Underwriter

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Kunj Shah


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Penny Robinson

Senior Underwriter, Cargo

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Caroline Monnickendam

Underwriter - Cargo

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Craig Dennis

Senior Underwriter

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Chris Jones


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Deborah Shillabeer

Underwriter - Hull & War

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Ashley Stratton

Underwriter - Yachts

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Marion Fraser

Claims Manager, Marine

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Kevin Allmond

Senior Claims Adjuster - Marine

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Wade Campbell

Senior Claims Adjuster

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Marko Ninkovic

Head of Claims Marine, Energy and Aviation

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